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Kitchens with island by TM Italia are versatile and multifunctional custom solutions where the island becomes the center of the entire living space. The island allows you to combine functionality and aesthetics: a single central volume in which different elements can be contained and which can be used both as a work plan and as a table for quick meals. In TM Italia’s kitchens with island, the island can be enriched by an electro-assisted movement of the upper worktop or a partial movement of the worktops, both electro-assisted and manual.
The islands can be made by TM Italia from a minimum depth of 70 cm up to a maximum of 120 cm; it is important that the space around the island allows an easy passage, the opening of the doors, as well as a practical preparation of food.

When to use a kitchen with island.

Kitchens with island made by TM Italia are suitable for any living space. They can be the ideal solution to furnish an open space, since they are able to create functional spaces of harmonious connection between the living area and the dining area. Kitchen with island are characterized by a well-organized worktop that extends to the living room, allowing interaction with other people. These functional solutions combine the preparation of food with moments of leisure, creating versatile spaces that change during the various phases of the day, supporting the daily activities of the family.

Kitchens with island: the integrations

Kitchens with island by TM Italia can hide different functional elements and can enclose hob, sink, dishwasher, hood, cellars and even tables, revealing the various operational features only when necessary. The space below the worktop can be used totally, by inserting practical drawers and baskets optimizing the depth of the island.
In TM Italia’s kitchens with island, the worktop can integrate a pull-out table, suitable for hosting several people; for the consumption of quick meals, however, the top can be completed by a snack-top, a cantilevered-top – which can be built in “inverted L” – or by an extension of the same worktop.

Kitchens with island: the construction materials

No limits to shapes, materials and colors of kitchens with island made by TM Italia: they can be made to measure in all the finishes listed in the vademecum. Doors and fronts of the island can be made with different materials and colors, according to or in contrast with the worktop.

The island worktop: models and materials

Thanks to TM Italia’s limitless customization skills, design solutions can be endless. In TM Italia the worktop can be made either in laminate – unicolor, stratified or fenix – or in quartz, marble, granite, steel, stoneware or in composite materials such as Corian. The worktop of the island can be made with a straight or slatted edge, or on the “Evo” model where the top, in contact with the door, creates a minimum perceived thickness. For a different impact you can choose the “Air” variant: in this case the top will seem to be suspended, thanks to the 30° cut that allows the easy opening of the doors.

Technical evaluations

In the design of a kitchen with island, the lighting project is of great importance: the central worktop must have suitable lighting, such as to allow easy food preparation and a comfortable consumption of meals. In the event that the island is completed by a cooking area and appliances, the choice and positioning of the hood and all connections must be provided from the initial design.

The tailoring experience in applying industrial techniques to unique pieces makes TM Italia the ideal partner for every project.