Mini kitchens TM Italia

Mini Kitchens

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The mini kitchen TM Italia is a bespoke project kitchen made to be installed in small areas, always they are faithful to craftsmanship, tailoring and design, key values ​​of the company.

Mini kitchens are of the real kitchens equipped with everything you need for cooking and preparing delicious meals: from the benchtop and cooktop, to storage and preparation of food.
Everything is organized in limited spaces thanks to functional furniture, concealed devices and elements.

These mini kitchens are modern kitchen solutions have the character to join their small size to design, to be equipped with innovative technologies, which become important in a dining area with limited space to executed the everyday actions.

This type of mini kitchens allows to the customers to have access to all the necessary elements of a dining area but at the same time to have the armoires and islands which when are closed became home furnishings adaptable to any environment and style.
Mini kitchens are interesting elements perfect for rationalizing the space of apartments or studios with small sizes, or to manage functional furniture in summer houses for the holidays.

The tailoring experience in applying industrial techniques to unique pieces makes TM Italia the ideal partner for every project.